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Welcome to our blogspot! Glad to have you aboard. Some thoughts, a few books, a little news follows.

One Way

Jesus said, “I am the way.” Without Jesus you can’t go.

He said, “I am the truth.” Without Jesus you can’t know.

He also said, “I am the life.” Without Jesus you can’t grow.

I’d say we better have Him on board!


Psyched out

I am well aware that some think an extreme position on psychiatry and psychotropic medications has taken hold of some of us. Or that some think anyone who takes a prescription drug for non-organic problems is bound to suffer the loss of his soul. Of course that is not so, at least I don’t know anyone who believes that. The position that I took in the book, The Couch and the Cross was substantiated by many physicians and even some in the psychiatric field themselves. The book was loaded with footnotes and newspaper investigative reports confirming the information.

It is interesting that a thousand doctors using scientific, objective testing can agree on a matter, then one individual can give an anecdotal testimony to the contrary and he is more likely to be believed than all the authorities. One individual can offer a testimony about seeing flying saucers and space aliens, or even declare that they were taken up into one and physically examined, and cause a million people to dump common sense and scientific absolutes and believe that we are being invaded by Martians.

One medical doctor told me personally that 25% of his patients had real, organic diseases or malfunctions. Another 50% had a combination of organic and psychosomatic (perceived) illnesses. Then fully 25% had only psychosomatic problems. “What do you do for those in the last category,” I asked. “I prescribe placebos. They will often tell me that ‘the red ones don’t do much for me but the green ones really help.’ Of course they are the same thing, just a different color. I could explain that to them but they would just go down the street and find a doctor who would tell them what they want to hear.” All that is necessary to maintain the popularity of placebos is for someone to say, “Well, they helped me!”


In order to achieve certification through the Institute of Soteric Counseling, an intensive reading requirement is stipulated. There is a rapidly growing list of books by doctors that corroborate our position that Christian counseling from a scriptural perspective1 is far superior to psychological counseling, has a better track record, and will bring peace and harmony to a life and home more quickly than a chemical solution or psychological therapy. Many noted authors are stepping up to the plate to expose the terrible abuse that the psychology/psychiatry industry is heaping on the populace. Psychotropic drugs are the bane of this generation. Here is just a smattering of books that are available on the subject. For a much longer list of helpful offerings, go to soteric.org.

Breggin, P. (1991). Toxic Psychiatry. NY: St. Martin’s Press.

Caplan, P. (1995). They say you’re crazy: How the world’s most powerful psychiatrists decide who’s normal. NY: Addison-Wesley.

Dawes, R. (1994). House of cards: Psychology and psychotherapy built on myth. NY: Maxwell Macmillan International.

Fitzpatrick, E. & Hendrickson, L. (2006). Will medicine stop the pain? Finding God’s healing for depression, anxiety & other troubling emotions.

Critser, G. (2005). Generation Rx: How prescription drugs are altering American lives, minds, and bodies. Boston: Houghton Mifflin.

Dineen, T. (1996). Manufacturing victins: What the psychology industry is doing to people. Montreal: Robert Davies.

Dworkin, R. (2006). Artificial happiness: the dark side of the new happy class. NY: Carroll & Graf.

Glenmullen, J. (2000). Prozac backlash: Overcoming the dangers of Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, and other antidepressants with safe, effective alternatives. NY: Simon & Schuster.

Healy, D. (2004). Let them eat Prozac: The unhealthy relationship between the pharmaceutical industry and depression. NY: New York University Press.

Olsen, G. (2005). Confessions of an rx drug pusher: God’s call to loving arms. NY: iUniverse, Inc.

Scott, T. (2006). America fooled: The truth about antidepressants, antipsychotics and how we’ve been deceived. Victoria, TX: Argo Publishing, LLC.

Valenstein, E. (1998). Blaming the brain: the truth about drugs and mental health. NY: The Free Press.

Ventura, M. (2006).The wisdom of the elders: Psychotherapy’s elders throw down the gauntlet. Psychotherapy Networker, (March/April), 56-61.

Other Helpful Resources

Baughman, F. (2006). ADHD fraud: How psychiatry makes ‘patients’ of normal children. Victoria, Canada: Trafford.

Kassirer,, J. (2007). On the take: How medicine’s complicity with big business can endanger your health. Oxford: University Press.

O’Meara, K. (2006). Psyched out: How psychiatry sells mental illness and pushes pills that kill. Bloomington, IN: Authorhouse.

Hundreds have taken our course Christian Counseling From Scripture. If you are interested in a helping ministry, or just want to clean your mind of the stuff some Freudian professor put in there, give us a call or go to soteric.org. Our ISC training conference will be held in Indianapolis, IN on November 6-7, 2008 at the Radisson Hotel (Indianapolis Airport). Join us and learn to counsel from Scripture!

1. A “scriptural perspective” involves more than mixing a couple of scriptures, usually taken out of context, with psychobabble. It is amazing that some feel if a Bible passage is dropped into an article, a book or a lesson that the theory is now “biblical,” or at least “Bible-based.”


How to make my day

Bro. Ensey,

Greetings in the name of Jesus!

Thank you for all you have done to help so many keep their faith and their balance in these shaking times. Since we can’t have the Library Builder, THANK YOU for giving us the blog.  I like reading the truth without having to sift through the arrogance of “holier-than-thou” statements.  You don’t stoop to that level and I sincerely thank you for it!  (A little sarcasm can be a good thing, though.)

My wife and I have considered you folks as our personal friends.  We have enjoyed the wisdom and sensibility with which you speak, write, and preach.

You can be sure I will enjoy reading the blog and measuring myself by the Word of God as you present it.  Thank you for including us in the mailing. – S.S., WA


It’s A Twisted World

A CNN report states that doctors at Boston’s Children’s Hospital have begun efforts to change the sex of children as young as seven years. They are being given hormone treatments so their bodies will grow differently. This will prepare them for possible surgery and a more complete physical change.

The treatments will likely result in infertility, be irreversible and very confusing to the child. Dr. Paul McHugh, a member of the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences, and co-chairman of the Ethics Committee at the American College of Neuropsycholopharmacology, has stoutly criticized these efforts, saying, “Treating these children with hormones does considerable harm and it compounds their confusion trying to delay puberty or change someone’s gender is a rejection of the lawfulness of nature. It’s barbaric.” Way to go, doc! We’

re behind you.

Somewhere in an old black-backed Book I read, “God is not the author of confusion.”


Election 101 –What are the legalities?

Legal Do’s and Don’ts

Many pastors and church members are confused about what is and what is not legal given the IRS restrictions on political activity by tax-exempt organizations. It is impossible to lay out definitive lists of dos and don’ts since the IRS interprets what is and isn’t legal, but these are offered as general guidelines.

Dos and Don’ts for Pastors       

You can’t allow candidates to speak about their candidacy or solicit funds while speaking in a church.

You can conduct candidate or issues forums where each candidate is invited and provided equal opportunity

You can’t permit the distribution of material on church premises that favors any one candidate or party.

You can distribute educational materials to voters that are non-partisan and covering a wide range of issues.

You can’t use church funds or services (mailing lists, office equipment, etc.) to contribute to candidates.

You can’t endorse candidates on behalf of the church.

You can preach on moral and social issues and encourage civic involvement.

Dos and Don’ts for Churches

They can engage in voter registration activities that avoid promoting any one candidate or political party.

They can sponsor petition drives supporting or opposing legislation.

They can allow use of church facilities by political candidates (as long as all other candidates are invited).

They can’t grant use of the church name to support a political candidate.

They can discuss biblical instruction pertaining to moral and cultural issues such as abortion, marriage, etc.

They can’t endorse or oppose a candidate in a church bulletin editorial.

They can distribute candidate surveys and incumbent voting records (avoiding editorial opinions).

Source: Faith and Family Values, 5/08


We must CHANGE!!!!!!

The last four years we have heard the consistent cry for change. Well, change came…and is still coming. But was it—is it—change that will make a positive difference?

Why do we feel that we must plug into the latest spiritual fads that come down the pike? The current guru of church growth can capture our attention quicker than a televangelist can open an envelope. Are we demonstrating our intelligence and keen spiritual sensitivities or manifesting a desperation born of a realization that we have left something very important behind?

Christianity Today ( June 2008 ) reports that Willow Creek Community Church, a suburban Chicago megachurch pastored by Bill Hybels, is making a “huge shift” in its emphasis. Hybels and WCCC has led the way for the past three decades in establishing the “seeker sensitive”

approach to church growth. However, their current research has revealed that individual Christian growth has flagged and/or the spiritual needs of the core membership were not being met. Duuuhhhh!

“Since 1975, Willow Creek has avoided conventional church approaches, using its Sunday services to reach the unchurched through polished music, multimedia, and sermons referencing popular culture and other familiar themes. The church’s leadership believed the approach would attract people searching for answers, bring them into a relationship with Christ, and then capitalize on their contagious fervor to evangelize others.”

Nice chart. However, surveys revealed that “impact was greater from those who self-reported as ‘close to Christ’ or ‘Christ-centered’ than from new church attendees. In addition, a quarter of the ‘close to Christ’ and ‘Christ-centered’ crowd described themselves as spiritually ‘stalled’ or ‘dissatisfied’ with the role of the church in their spiritual growth. Even more alarming to Willow Creek: About a quarter of the ‘stalled’ segment and 63 percent of the ‘dissatisfied’ segment contemplated leaving the church.”

Yes, change, in some respects, is inevitable…except from vending machines. Change is not inherently negative. Winston Churchill said, “Change is good if it moves us in the right direction.” Change is positive if it happens as a natural occurrence. If nothing ever changed, butterflies would be extinct. But when it is forced by impatient, numbers-oriented, devil-may-care “experts,” it can be catastrophic. Just try forcing up a growing plant by hand.

It is hard to beat sound gospel preaching, a prayer-focused congregation, coupled with sincere soulwinning and soul-building. When the focus is on building people, growth naturally happens. Core membership cannot be overlooked. The Purpose Driven approach—pastors in short-sleeved Hawaiian shirts in the pulpit, new choruses totally displacing familiar hymns and spiritual songs, culture-sensitive services, an emphasis on a social gospel—is faddish rather than natural change. It leaves something behind, like the vegetable or fruit when pulled up before maturity. Bill Hybels is just now discovering that truth. Why not learn from the mistakes of others rather than insisting on making them all ourselves?

So WCCC is now trying to “change” again. A CT columnist asked, “Can they change? Yes, but it will take more than just shifting their target audience.”

Loss will likely occur. Is there any possible way we can learn from other people’s mistakes so we won’t have to make them all ourselves?


Out of her league

Nancy Pelosi, the radical left-winger from San Francisco who now serves as Speaker of the House of Representatives, has been quoting a chimney corner scripture to promote the environmental cause. She says, “The Bible tells us in the Old Testament, ‘To minister to the needs of God’s creation is an act of worship. To ignore those needs is to dishonor the God who made us.’” Hmmmm…. She must have found that verse right between “Go to the church of your choice,” and “Every tub sits on its own bottom.”


Book Reviews

HISTORICAL DRIFT: Must my church die?

By Arnold L. Cook

All readers of this review are familiar with changing values and shifting paradigms. Cook tells us how to detect, diagnose and reverse the negative trends that are active in American Christianity, even in the Apostolic movement. If you are concerned about slippage on the basic issues of doctrine, faith and practice, then this book will be a godsend.

The author is not a prophet of doom and gloom. He fits in the category of one who sees a problem without being problem-oriented, who shakes himself and says, “Let’s adjust our thinking, get together and do something about this.” The key is leadership. One of his statements is profound and insightful: “Organizations don’t drift; only their leaders.”

Our hope is in finding and developing leaders for the future who can stand against the tide of cultural accommodation and continue to sincerely uphold the principles of truth and righteousness that identify the true Apostolic believer.

While the author is not Apostolic himself, the book was deemed important enough that the Texas District wisely made it required reading for all ordination candidates. Our church does not have to die. It does not have to walk the path of other religious organizations. But those are empty words unless we rise up and with one voice say, “Not on my watch! I am not ready to sacrifice this generation on the altar of cultural accommodation!”

Historical Drift is available from advanceministries.org at the discounted price of 18.95.



The Word Defined

Research Study Bible

By Mike Dobbs (Apostolic pastor in Wiggins, MS)

Here is a Bible like none other in your present library!

The Word Defined Research Study Bible is a King James Version Bible (Old Testament only is available a the present time), which conveniently provides the correct phonetic pronunciation and definition for every Hebrew proper noun in the Bible! Each page contains comprehensive information designed to make every chapter of the Bible come alive with new meaning.

Here’s an example of what you will find:

Definitions: Each proper noun is followed by an insert of information which contains the phonetic pronunciation, the appropriate Hebrew word and the definition of the proper noun. For example: Moses (Moe zez [Mo’sheh]: “drawn out”)

Footnotes: 1 Lebanon comes from the Hebrew word “laybin” meaning bright white. Lebanon is the loftiest and most celebrated mountain range in Syria, forming the northern boundary of Palestine, and running along the coast of the Mediterranean to the plains of Hamath.

“Did You Know” Text Boxes: There are small shaded boxes on many selected pages. These “trivia”

boxes are designed to enhance your knowledge about a particular story, place or subject. This information may appear as footnotes on other pages.

Volume One includes Genesis through II Kings (971 pages). Volume Two includes II Chronicles through Malachi (1065 pages). Hardcover. Each is only 39.95 or 74.95 for both. Order by phone or online from Advance Ministries. Call 936-856-3419 or go to advanceministries.org/store.


The Book We Call The Bible

By J. R. Ensey

This book was born out of personal study and research to satisfy a hunger to know more about the Book we call the Bible. Many are reluctant to objectively investigate the origin, text and transmission of our English Bible for fear they will find something that will disappoint them. The truth is that it will make you see the authenticity and authority of the Scriptures in a whole new light. Objectivity will reveal to the honest researcher that there is more than sufficient reason to trust the Bible.

The Bible is being attacked today from many angles and it behooves us to be ready to give an answer to the critics and unbelievers. Conversion requires that a person come to faith in the Bible as the Word of God, otherwise his faith may be misplaced in a charismatic leader or a particular movement.

The Book We Call The Bible guides the reader through the topics of the original Bible manuscripts, the formation of the canon, the development of the English Bible, how to study the Bible and why it can be trusted. Comparisons are made of doctrinal passages containing Apostolic tenets of faith using the KJV, NKJV, NIV and NASB versions. The appendices contain other interesting and helpful facts. “A wealth of informative research!” – Talmadge French. 371 pages; only 14.95 from advanceministries.org or call 936-856-3419 today.

Check out scores of other good books available on our web site.

Until next time…good soul hunting!


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  1. Bro Ensey,

    Tremendous. That is how I would describe the content of this blog. Many thanks.

    Brett Prince

  2. I have gone through this book and in my view it throws differtn light on Bible. It gives you a different view on Bible which so far has not been printed. Great Work.

    Christian Drug Rehab

  3. Bro. Ensey,

    Once again, a great blog. I want to thank you for all you have done through the Institute of Soteric Counseling. I appreciate your speaking out concerning issues within the UPC. You have done well for the Kingdom.

    Mark Uzupan

  4. Brother Ensey,

    As usual, your insights are very valuable to a non-compromising Apostolic ministry in our current world.

    I only wish they came in more often…

    G. Jorge Medina
    Defenders of the Faith

  5. Brother Enzey, we greet you in the name of JESUS! GOD is doing wonderful things to us and around us and through us! Victory is ours! The garment of praise has been given, the mantle has been dropped. The body of Christ is excited about the glory of GOD that is moving amongst us. Yet, we want more. In our pursuit, we do have needs of getting some names and addresses of Soteric Counselors in the California area. If you would be so kind to help us with that information that would be greatly appreciated. We appreciate your ministry. God bless you.
    David & Yvonne Magnia

  6. great post I really appreciate the info!

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