January 2009

Is ignorance bliss?george-bush

President George W. Bush said his belief that God created the world is not incompatible with the scientific theory of evolution.

In a recent interview with ABC, the president also said he probably is not a literalist when reading the Bible, although an individual can learn a great deal from it, including the New Testament teaching that God sent his only Son.

Asked about creation and evolution, Bush said: “I think you can have both. I think evolution can…you’re getting me way out of my lane here. I’m just a simple president. But it’s, I think that God created the earth, created the world; I think the creation of the world is so mysterious it requires something as large as an Almighty and I don’t think it’s incompatible with the scientific proof that there is evolution.” He added, “I happen to believe that evolution doesn’t fully explain the mystery of life.”

Interviewer Cynthia McFadden asked Bush if the Bible was literally true. “You know. Probably not….No, I’m not a literalist, but I think you can learn a lot from it, but I do think that the New Testament for example is…has got…You know, the important lesson is ‘God sent a Son,”’ Bush said.

“It is hard for me to justify or prove the mystery of the Almighty in my life,” he said. “All I can just tell you is that I got back into religion and I quit drinking shortly thereafter and I asked for help. I was a one-step program guy….I do believe there is an Almighty that is broad and big enough and loving enough that can encompass a lot of people,” Bush said.

The president also said that he prays to the same God as those with different religious beliefs. Wow! Open mouth, insert foot. He missed a day in Sunday school, huh?

I am not a Bush basher, but if ignorance is bliss, our out-going president must be one happy guy.


Florida sets holiday for atheistsatheist-fool

In Florida, it is said, where anything can happen and usually does, an atheist created a case against the upcoming Easter & Passover holy days. He hired an attorney to bring a discrimination case against Christians, Jews & observances of their holy days. The argument was it was unfair that atheists had no such recognized day(s).

The case was brought before a judge. After listening to the passionate presentation by the lawyer, the judge banged his gavel declaring, “Case dismissed.”

The lawyer immediately stood objecting to the ruling saying, “Your honor, how can you possibly dismiss this case? The Christians have Christmas, Easter & others. The Jews have Passover, Yom Kippur & Hanukkah. Yet my client & all other atheists have no such holidays.” [Dab those tears.)

The judge leaned forward in his chair saying, “But you do. Your client, counsel, is woefully ignorant.” The lawyer said, “Your Honor, we are unaware of any special observance or holiday for atheists.” The judge replied, “The calendar says April 1st is ‘April Fools Day.’ Psalm 14:1 states, ‘The fool says in his heart, there is no God.’ Thus, it is the opinion of this court, that if your client says there is no God, then he is a fool. Therefore, April 1st is his day. Court is adjourned.”


You just can’t beat a combination of patience and wisdom!patience-and-wisdom-combined


More wisdom

Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948) once said, “The things that will destroy us are:
•Politics without principle
•Pleasure without conscience
•Wealth without work
•Knowledge without character
•Business without morality
•Science without humanity
•Worship without sacrifice

What’s wrong with Continental Airlines’ motto: “Work hard; fly right”?


Ft. Worth or Bust!


Papers will be presented on various aspects of Oneness theology, including the Influence of Pricillian, What Is the Real Name of God?, Spiritual Anointing, The Gifts of the Spirit (Tongues and Interpretation), and The Role of the Conscience in Christian Living.


We are NOT the world!


Silence was no longer an option. I have had it up to here with the one-world, globalization tripe. Neither America nor the church is the world. I don’t make them equal, but the emphasis placed on the absorption of America into the global system will certainly spill over into pressure on the church to continue to conform. What flowing, convincing rhetoric they use to tempt us into their ranks. It is the sound of the piper.

But above all the sweet rhetoric comes a clear voice: “Don’t be pressed into the world’s mold….Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will….Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect” (Romans 12:2; Various).

I have written an article entitled “We Are Not the World,” which was has been posted on the advanceministries.org web site under Articles. Please take time to read it. President-elect Obama has declared he is a citizen of the world and is promoting the socialistic concepts of globalization. This is my response. Click here to go directly to the article.


Are you “intellectually bankrupt”?


You are if you accept the authority of the Scriptures, so says Newsweek magazine, one of the most influential news magazines in America. The weekly publication decided to come out for same-sex marriage in a big way, and to do so by means of a biblical and theological argument. In a recent cover story, “The Religious Case for Gay Marriage,” Newsweek religion editor Lisa Miller offers a revisionist argument for the acceptance of same-sex marriage. It is fair to say that Newsweek has gone for broke on this question.

Miller dismisses the Levitical condemnations of homosexuality as useless because “our modern understanding of the world has surpassed its prescriptions.” But she saves her most creative dismissal for the Apostle Paul. Paul, she concedes, “was tough on homosexuality.” Nevertheless, she takes encouragement from the fact that “progressive scholars” have found a way to re-interpret the Pauline passages to refer only to homosexual violence and promiscuity. [Perhaps they should write their own Bible!]

As always, the bottom line is biblical authority. Lisa Miller does not mince words. “Biblical literalists will disagree,” she allows, “but the Bible is a living document, powerful for more than 2,000 years because its truths speak to us even as we change through history.” This argument means, of course, that we get to decide which truths are and are not binding on us as “we change through history.”

“A mature view of scriptural authority requires us, as we have in the past, to move beyond literalism,” she asserts. “The Bible was written for a world so unlike our own, it’s impossible to apply its rules, at face value, to ours.” [In other words, we need to toss it.]

Disappointingly, Newsweek editor Jon Meacham offers an editorial note that broadens Newsweek’s responsibility for this atrocity of an article and reveals even more of the agenda: “No matter what one thinks about gay rights—for, against or somewhere in between—this conservative resort to biblical authority is the worst kind of fundamentalism,” Meacham writes. “Given the history of the making of the Scriptures and the millennia of critical attention scholars and others have given to the stories and injunctions that come to us in the Hebrew Bible and the Christian New Testament, to argue that something is so because it is in the Bible is more than intellectually bankrupt—it is unserious, and unworthy of the great Judeo-Christian tradition.” [Did you know you were “unserious”?]

To read Albert Mohler’s excellent response, click here. http://www.albertmohler.com/blog_read.php?id=2881


Why not?


The Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles has joined seven other dioceses in passing a resolution asking the church to let lesbians as well as homosexual men become bishops. The “big unbrella” just keeps getting bigger, huh?


Revival in Huntsville State Prison

A report from prison workers from Apostolic Tabernacle in Houston informs us that they have had twelve to get the Holy Ghost and nine to get baptized at the Goree Unit in Huntsville in the last year. Advance Ministries is happy to be the supplier of the copies of Into His Marvelous Light Bible study which they use regularly with the prisoners.


The Fly Called Folly


There once was a fly named Folly
Everyone thought she was small
And therefore could nothing mighty
But through her much harm would befall.

Her size seemed so innocent and so was let in
To land and mix in the food;
Yet little did they know that something so small
Could ruin such festivity and mood.

When she was discovered
Much trouble she stirred, in the hearts of those at the ball;
For Folly was not really so little
Her significance not really so small.

Sin like Folly will fool you
If size is all you perceive;
For small transgressions, just like Folly
Have great power to deceive.

(Submitted by Greg Wirths, Focus on Freedom Freedomconnect@sbcglobal.net)


For your information

A trans-denominational Commission on Holy Spirit Empowerment in the 21st Century plans a congress next year on the campus of Oral Roberts University. Brother Kenneth Haney, the UPCI General Superintendent, is serving on one of the leadership committees/tracks.

There are a number of anticipated outcomes from this process and the 2010 Congress. Questions and solutions for the future of the Spirit-filled movement will be brought forward; new, contemporary vocabulary will surface and be adopted; increased effectiveness in reaching and engaging new generations will be achieved; increased unity between traditional Pentecostals/Charismatics and emerging churches will be realized; and the continued growth of Spirit-empowered ministries will be encouraged.

The first meeting took place the week of Dec. 7 in Newport Beach, Calif. Oral Roberts, founder, chancellor and trustee of ORU, visited this initial conversation and shared insights into the unique transition at ORU during the last year. Roberts affirmed and embraced the fresh leadership Mart Green is providing as board chair.

The participants included Reverend Billy Wilson; Mary Banks, founder of W.O.W. Consulting Group in Houston, Texas, and a member of the ORU Board of Trustees; Keith Craft, senior pastor of Celebration Covenant Church in Frisco, Texas; Ron Carpenter, Jr., founder and co-pastor of Redemption World Outreach Center in Greenville, S.C.; Billy Joe Daugherty, senior pastor of Victory Christian Center in Tulsa, Okla.; Daniel de Leon, senior pastor of Templo Calvario in Santa Ana, Calif.; Joe Champion, lead pastor of Celebration Church in Georgetown, Texas; Dick Eastman, president of Every Home for Christ in Colorado Springs, Colo.; Gene Evans, president of Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches and Ministers International in Douglasville, Ga.; and Jack Hayford, president of International Church of the Foursquare Gospel in Los Angeles, Calif.
Also participating were Ralph Fagin, interim president of Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Okla.; Al Hollingsworth, founder of BOSS/The Movement in Ontario, Calif.; Mart Green, president of Mardel, Inc. in Oklahoma City, Okla. and ORU Board Chair; Rob Hoskins, founder of Book of Hope in Pompano, Fla., and a member of the ORU Board of Trustees; Kenneth Haney, general superintendent of United Pentecostal Church International in Hazelwood, Mo.; Walt Kallestad, senior pastor of Community Church of Joy in Glendale, Ariz.; Rob Koke, senior pastor of Shoreline Christian Center in Austin, Texas; Vinson Synan, dean emeritus of Regent University in Chesapeake, Va.; Charles Scott, General Bishop of Pentecostal Church of God, Inc., in Joplin, Mo.; Kenneth Ulmer, senior pastor of Faithful Central Bible Church and president of King’s Seminary in Englewood, Calif.; David Shibley, founder of Global Advance in Rockwall, Texas; Mark Williams, second assistant general overseer of International Church of God in Cleveland, Tenn.; and Larry Stockstill, senior pastor of Bethany World Prayer Center in Baker, La.

Read the entire story here: http://www.christiannewswire.com/news/156629012.html


Strength for you from the printed page

Gaining Control of Your Mindgaining-control-of-your-min1

Beth Marie Rexford

Paper; 175 pages


Here is a fresh voice for emotional healing through the Word and Spirit of God. The author, a Pentecostal sister in Clare, IL fell into the grip of depression and was diagnosed by a psychiatrist with bipolar mood disorder, a currently popular psychiatric diagnosis. Finding no real answers on the psychiatrist’s couch, she came to an altar where God transformed her life. She learned that a relationship with the One who created the mind has the power to heal the mind. God delivered her from a dark past and now enables her to share with others the powerful truths that will open the invisible prison doors of the mind, save the soul, mend the broken heart, and allow the person made whole by Christ and His Word to walk in the newness of life.

If you are dealing with anyone with an emotional problem, or think you might be in the future, I encourage you to order this book. Read it yourself, and have an extra copy to give to someone who is hurting. Healing is available!

before-newBefore You Say I Do

J. R. Ensey


Don’t let anyone in your church get married before asking themselves these twenty-five questions very important questions. This book has helped countless couples circumvent potential trouble areas in their courtship and marriage. Wedding planner and other extras included in book.


Christian Social Graces

Gayla Baughman


A book for every Christian woman’s library! Gayla Baughman has put together a stunning array of practical points for becoming the gracious, charming hostess and poised lady you always wanted to be. Also, there is a companion workbook for Christian Social Graces. A great teaching tool for pastor’s wives, and pssst, it make a great gift for your wife. $13.95

Building God’s Wall

building-gods-wallNevin Bass
Here’s a brand new look at the Book of Nehemiah by an Apostolic pastor. Nehemiah led his nation into spiritual renewal while rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. He helped them to reclaim their place of blessing and recapture their spiritual high ground. Learn:
•Why worship without boundaries often leads to retualistic formalism
•What the ten gates of worship are and how to practice them
•How to overcome in spite of a rubble pile of past failure and judgment
•Who the enemies of renewal are and how to overcome them
These and other vital lessons are brought to light through application of the book in the Bible that is totally dedicated to spiritual renewal.


J. R. Ensey

Some younger men have called for reasons that specific holiness standards are held by Oneness Pentecostals. They were not around when the issues were debated and passed in conferences. It is easier in today’s cultural climate to give up the fight than to take the time to find out why Pentecostals believe what we do. Here are 224 pages of some common sense, Word-based answers for our apostolic positions.why-cover

• Why do Apostolics embrace the Bible as the Word of God?

• Why do Apostolics teach monotheism?

• Why do Apostolics receive the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues?

• Why do Apostolics disengage from a worldly lifestyle?

• Why do Apostolics abandon or avoid harmful personal practices?

• Why do Apostolics choose modest apparel and shun ornamental

• Why do Apostolic ladies refrain from cutting their hair and wearing

• Why do Apostolics live with a blessed hope?

“Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect, keeping a clear conscience, so that those who speak maliciously against your good behavior in Christ may be ashamed of their slander” (I Peter 3:15,16).

when-god-unfoldsOnly God Can Unfold A Rose

Brenda Story


This book is long overdue. The author deals with a deeply personal topic, but one that is timely and relevant—pornography addiction. She offers hope to the hopeless, help for the hurting and light in the darkness of despair. The knowledge that there is complete healing and deliverance from the bondage of sin is the desperate need of the hour. Read it and be moved to action—then pass it on to someone else. This will be a handy volume to have in your office when the need for it arises…and it will!


Seven Secrets of Mental Health

Lynda Doty


You can be alive and healthy and never go near the counselor’s couch! What’s the secret?
There are actually seven, and they are all found in the Word of God—all we have to do is look for them. Unfortunately, few in today’s mixed-up, microwave world have the patience
to dig for them. Sister Doty has made it easy for you—the way to vibrant mental health is found in the pages of this book. An excellent guide for ministering to the needs of others.

Thanks for purchasing your apostolic books and Bibles from Advance Ministries! For our complete selection, go to advancemninistries.org.


Your visit here today was sincerely appreciated. Until next month, have a great new year…and check out our web site at advanceministries.org.


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  1. Thanks again Elder Ensey. All very top drawer.

  2. The “Anti-Literal” hermeneutic adopted by Pres. Bush/Newsweek seems to be the vehicle thru which false doctrine races. If Genesis is not literal, does this include the creation of Adam & Eve?? Are all humans genetically linked to “figurative” parents? In effect, such individuals become “destructive critics” contra “constructive critics” of God’s Word. “Who art thou that replyest against God?” God Bless, Roger D. Perkins

  3. I sent your blog address out to some of my friends from TBC , I really enjoy reading and sharing.
    May the Lord bless all of your efforts!

  4. Thank you for addressing the issues with the “it is what it is” concept. The “spirit of this world”/”the spirit of Babylon” must be defined for this generation of Christians. To obey the scripture, “be not conformed to this world”, one must understand what “this world” is. Thank you for publishing your insight.

  5. Bro. Ensey,

    The January Blog, as usual, was probing and thought provoking; the article “We are not of the world” especially so. Since the Tampa General Conference, I continue to be deeply troubled by what I observed in the worship services. The Choreographic Stick Dancing, the Jesus with a dirty diaper skit, and the un-sing-able choir songs (even with the words on monitors) all left me wondering what we as organization have become, and where we are going? Even the sales area was depressing. Everyone was hawking their own CD’s or books, and booths were hawking all manner of merchandise from baby clothes to men’s suits. I realize the sales area is not worship oriented, but as I stood and watched all the commercialization, I could not help but reflect on Jesus’ cleansing of the temple because of the commercialization that was defiling it. (I did not attend the North Caroline conference, so I have no idea what happened there.)

    Lord Bless You,
    Bro. Scott

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