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Obama is “Lord and Savior”

Actor and TV personality Jamie Foxx recently had some extremely favorable words for President Barack Obama—words that are typically reserved for church sermons and personal prayers. At the annual Soul Train awards on Sunday, November 25, the Oscar winner opened with this appeal: “First of all, give honor to God [pause] and our lord and savior Barack Obama.” The audience, almost all African-Americans, cheered, clapped and squealed.

Many media personalities have quipped about the President’s deity status. After Foxx’s comment, one media hack said, “I guess Obama really is the Messiah.” As yet, no denial has come from Obama or the White House.

And some question our sanity when we inveigh against television madness served up as “entertainment”! Drug-crazed and morally challenged Hollywood degenerates grow more ridiculous every day. Every Baptist and Catholic and all those in between ought to get on the bandwagon with us to nix television in Christian homes.

Before leaving this thought, FoxNews reported that the young Pied Piper Justin Bieber had an audience with the prime minister of Canada dressed in silly overalls, with one shoulder suspender hanging off. Low class, stupid stuff. This is what becomes of kids who are sucked into the entertainment industry. And to think that some of our Christian kids plug into his suggestive songs and stage madness. America deserves whatever comes down the pike in the way of judgment.


 Was Junia (Romans 16:7) a female apostle?

In Romans 16, the apostle Paul sends greetings to a number of his fellow laborers in the gospel, some of whom were “kinsmen” and even  “fellow prisoners.” He is giving thanks for their selfless service to the kingdom. Some of them evidently were preachers; others were laypersons who were outstanding servants of God.

In verse 7 in the KJV English rendering, he sends greetings to “Andronicus and Junia, my kinsmen, and my fellowprisoners, who are of note among the apostles, who also were in Christ before me.” Some assume from the wording that the persons named here were a man and a woman, both of whom served the early church as apostles.

The text itself does not seem to offer certainty that “Junia” was a woman, and less absoluteness that either she or Adronicus were apostles. Dr. Marvin Vincent, noted publisher of Greek dictionaries, comments: “The latter name [Junia] may be either masculine or feminine [in Greek]. If the latter, the person was probably the wife of Andronicus. If the former, the name should be rendered as Junias.”1 At first glance, the former understanding would seem to be more accurate since the writer goes on to refer to them as “kinsmen” and “fellow prisoners,” which, on the surface, although not in an absolute sense, suggests the likelihood that they are…..(to continue reading the article, please click this link)


Where have all the daddys morals gone?

According to statistics given on FoxNewsRadio, 73% of all black babies born in the U.S. are to unwed mothers. That figure drops to 52% in the Hispanic community, and to 29% among whites. It is simple to see what such statistics will do to our nation. Why does it seem that many Washington politicians actually wish this kind of pox on our Republic?


A translation to fit the culture

I was in Washington state just before the election and saw the public promotion of the statutes to legalize same sex marriage and marijuana—waving signs on the streets and highway overpasses. After both passed, someone sent me the new interpretation (perhaps a very “free translation”) of Leviticus 20:13. Seems that according to this interpretation, what Washington did was in line with the Scripture:

Leviticus 20:13: “A man who lies with another man as with a woman should be stoned.”


Einstein was right

“I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” – Albert Einstein

Smart phones and other mobile communication tech toys have not put people together—they are creating a tremendous disconnect. Husbands and wives converse less. Parents and children communicate rarely. “God created man upright, but he hath sought out many inventions” (Ecclesiastes 7:29). It is sad that we love them, but those inventions have indeed made idiots out of lots of folks.


Muslim Brotherhood in the U.S. government

Shades of Alger Hiss!

Can anyone tell us why Hillary Clinton would have Muslim Brotherhood sympathizer Huma Abedin serving as one of her top advisors—Deputy Chief of Staff—in the State Department? As college student at George Washington University in the 1990s, she was involved with the Muslim Students Association, an original Brotherhood front in the U.S.  She later worked at the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs, which was funded by Abdullah Omar Naseef, a financier not only of the Brotherhood but of al Qaida as well.

These groups are committed to waging a slow motion, internal jihad against the U.S. Constitution. To do so, they are infiltrating the government at many levels, seeding our social and political culture with their operatives. The Arab Spring movement in the Middle East has set their timetable up considerably. Obama’s second term is an open door.

Women, and especially single women, most of whom voted for the President in the last election, are being targeted by these groups. Dalia Mogahed, who serves on a White House Council on Faith Based Partnerships, travels the world making statements like, “The majority of women around the world associate gender justice, or justice for women, with Shariah (Islamic law) compliance.” [Indeed! –jre]

Source: Freedom Center;; 9/12

Voluntary blindness on the part of the press and single women has installed a second term President who seems to be totally committed to making freedom loving Americans a target for every violent extremist group under heaven. His community organizing experience is serving him well.


The Constitution—a “living document”?

Al Gore once referred to the U.S. Constitution as “a living document.” In other words, it is much like Wikipedia. Elements of it need to be regularly challenged and adjusted to fit the changing moral and political climate in America.

Even president Obama once said he views the Constitution created by them as a “charter of negative liberties” that we need to “progress” away from.

I see smoke! Something is burning! Oh, never mind…it’s just the Constitution.

Freedom—love it or lose it!


What is “gopher wood”?

God told Noah to “make thee an ark of gopher wood” (Genesis 6:14).

But what is gopher wood? Many Bible scholars have speculated on this, but the truth is, no one really knows. Jokingly at Answers in Genesis, we have a theory: when Noah was ready to build the Ark, he called his sons together and said, “Okay, boys, I need you to go for wood.”

You can stop groaning now. So, what have inquisitive minds said about gopher wood? The Septuagint version of the Bible translates it as “square timber.” The New Illustrated Bible Dictionary identifies it as “cypress.” The Jamieson, Fausset and Brown Commentary includes the above and adds “pine, fir, cedar.”

Others suggest it may refer to a process of lamination.

Some Christian scholars have suggested gopher wood is a mistranslation and ought to read pitched wood, but as Tim Lovett of AIG points out, it’s almost a “tautology” (i.e., a redundancy) for God to tell Noah to build the Ark of pitched wood and then instructed him to pitch it inside and out.

One strong possibility is that gopher wood was a species of tree that was lost during the year-long Flood and doesn’t even exist anymore.

What conclusions can we make? It would seem that gopher wood was either a type of wood or a method of processing wood, but like so much of the pre-Flood world, the secrets remain a closed book, opened mainly by dreamers and philosophers.

So, you dreamers and philosophers reading this article: What are your ideas?

Source: Answers Update, Vol. 19, Issue 11

(Personally, I favor the Noah–to-his-sons explanation! Back then it was all oral communication; little or nothing was written. Sounded like “gopher” wood. Just kidding! jre)


Can you read this?

If so, you are wanted by a number of archaeologists and palaeographers.

At left is one of the many proto-Elamite texts from the capitol at Susa (biblical Shushan). No one yet can read it. The vast majority of the proto-Elamite texts come from the capitol at Susa (Biblical Shushan), a city that played a major role proto-Elamite, Elamite, Mesopotamian, Persian and Parthian history over the course of several millennia. Shushan is well known from the Hebrew Bible; Esther becomes a queen there before saving the Jews, and Nehemiah and Daniel both reside there during the Babylonian exile. The Book of Jubilees (8:21 & 9:2) connects Susa to the earlier Elamite population, who are mentioned in earlier Biblical narratives. According to the Bible, the Elamites are descendants of Elam, one of the sons of Shem and grandson of Noah.

While the Tower of Babel narrative presents a Biblical tradition for the origins of the Elamite language and people, the uncertain connection between the Elamites and their proto-Elamite predecessors has proved a challenge for scholars. The script includes some common elements with early Mesopotamian writing, but a lack of bilingual texts and a great deal of scribal deviations have hampered the researchers’ ability to discover linguistic patterns. The language appears to use both symbolic and phonetic combinations, but the poor scribal tradition and the uncertain relationship with neighboring or later Elamite languages have challenged linguists for decades. However, with new technology researchers are confident that they are nearing a breakthrough point.



Jesus’ quickie divorce

A female Harvard professor shocked the Christian world recently by displaying an “ancient” papyrus written in Coptic that quoted Jesus as having a wife. If true, she would undoubtedly be referred to as an apostle today (she was called “disciple” in the text), and someone would develop a storyline around her that would put Mary Magdalene’s in the shade.

However, to the surprise of virtually no one, and to the chagrin of egalitarians and feminists everywhere, author and scholar Doug Kutilek broke the news that the document is a forgery. Here is part of his report:

“There was a recent ‘sensation’ (as in sensationalism) in the world of religion, a mere ‘flash in the pan,’ when it was announced by a Harvard professor that an allegedly ancient scrap of papyrus (tentatively dated to the third to fifth centuries A. D.), written in Coptic, the ancient language of Egypt, had been discovered and deciphered, which contained words ascribed to Jesus in only partially preserved sentences which mentioned his wife, who was further identified as one of his disciples. Jesus with a wife? and a wife who was further described as a disciple (= apostle)?  Now here was something decidedly not found in the NT, indeed directly contrary to it. The impression intended to be left by those who announced this ‘find’ was that here, in this document, was a picture of ‘real Christianity,’ with truths about Jesus that were suppressed and concealed by his later ‘orthodox’ followers, to avoid scandal.

“A swirl of controversy arose immediately regarding the papyrus. First, it was ‘unprovenanced,’ that is, its time and place of discovery—its historical context—as well as the name of the discoverer were unstated and presumably unknown. This is always a red flag, especially with sensational discoveries. It doesn’t necessarily mean the find is bogus, but it screams ‘proceed with caution.’ Second, the scrap of papyrus, smaller than a standard business card, had remarkably neat edges.  Fragmentary papyrus documents from antiquity all but invariably have jagged edges, at least on two or three and usually on all four edges. Red flag number two. And then when the Coptic writing was examined by scholars expert in ancient Coptic, they declared that the shape of the letters was decidedly non-standard Coptic, and the language, vocabulary and sentence structure were definitely not those of someone who used Coptic on a regular basis. Red flag—I might say, strike—three. A later critique noted that a line of the text had been copied from the text of the pseudepigraphal Coptic Gospel of Thomas as posted on a website, complete with a modern copying error! As quickly as the sensational find was announced, it was dismissed and discredited as a forgery, and not a very good one at that.”

– Doug Kutilek, AISI Newsletter, Volume 15, Number 10, 2012


Psychiatric drugs and war: A suicide mission

By Kelly O’Meara

CCHR International announced the second in a four-part series by journalist Kelly Patricia O’Meara exploring the epidemic of suicides in the military and the correlation to dramatic increases in psychiatric drug prescriptions to treat the emotional scars of battle. The second installment covers psycho-pharma’s disastrous chemical experimentation within the military ending in sudden unexplained deaths, including those of Marine corporal Andrew White and Senior Airman Anthony Mena who were prescribed a total of 54 drugs between them. In this article, O’Meara writes:

“The devastating adverse effects mind-altering psychiatric drugs may be having on the nation’s military troops are best summed up by Mary Shelley’s Dr. Frankenstein, writing ‘nothing is so painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change.’

“Just as the fictional character, Dr. Frankenstein, turned to experiments in the laboratory to create life with fantastically horrific results, the psychiatric community, along with its pharmaceutical sidekicks, has turned to modern day chemical concoctions to alter the human mind. The result is what many believe is a growing number of equally hideous results culminating in senseless deaths, tormented lives and grief-stricken families.”

“If these soldiers are dying from these drugs and the military is refusing to cut back on the drugs, this is scandalous.”

— Dr. Fred Baughman, Jr., Neurologist


Book review

Every schoolteacher and homeschooler listen up!

Here’s a book you must see…now, more than ever!

The 5000 Year Leap: A Miracle That Changed the World

By W. Cleon Skousen

I have never seen a better book detailing the principles of freedom. Published by the National Center for Constitutional Studies, it contains the blueprint for the American Republic. It outlines and describes the Founders’ 28 basic principles of constitutional government. It is not a heavy, hard-to-read document written in legalese. U. S. Senator Orrin Hatch said, “It is the kind of stimulating book I should like to see being studied in all our high schools and universities.”

District Judge Kenneth Chatwin said, “This is possibly the most comprehensive treatment of the genius of the American Founding Fathers which has ever been encompassed in a single volume.”

Here is history that you will enjoy reading—337 pages of inspiring information that will help you guide your children and your students. If we do not re-embrace these principles, our Republic is doomed.

The book can be ordered now from for only 13.56. A good investment!


Why hate rich people?

The class warfare being promoted by our government is meant to demean America’s spirit. Erase all symbols of Christianity. Remove prayer and the Bible from public life. Enforce a new order by jackbooted troops. The shrieking rhetoric is evoking hatred for all people of means. It is the socialist/communist/Marxist way of bringing down a whole nation to a level of a virtual slave society. Have we not seen this before? Are we forgetting history in Russia, Eastern Europe, China and Cuba?

Not everyone in public service is on that bandwagon, but not everyone in Germany was a Nazi, either. Like other socialist experiments, power is being placed in the hands of a few corrupt, puppet bureaucrats while other facets of traditional government are demoted and scorned. Anyone with the trappings of wealth whatsoever become targets of the minions of appointed government officials. Circumvent the Constitution. Go to the streets to mobilize radical constituents. Preach hate and dissension. That is why our president is already returning to the stump to rally his voter base behind his policies rather than sitting down with the duly elected representatives of the people and working on the business of government.

Free enterprise built America. Sure, many got wealthy, but they brought others into considerable wealth with them. They lifted the common man to a new level of prosperity. Remember—no one ever received a payroll check signed by someone on the poverty rolls. Poor people don’t hire employees. Only the people with means do that. Does this administration not understand that? Or is it that they do understand and this is merely their plan? I personally believe it may be the latter.

Hate the rich. Demean those with wealth. But who are you going to work for when they cannot hire you? Right—the government. We just thought slavery was abolished in the 1860s.

Wise up, America!


The Essence of Marxism / Obamaism

“The whole gospel of Karl Marx can be summed up in a single sentence: Hate thecarl-marx-and-Obama man who is better off than you are. Never under any circumstances admit that his success may be due to his own efforts, to the productive contribution he has made to the whole community.  Always attribute his success to the exploitation, the cheating, the more or less open robbery of others. Never under any circumstances admit that your own failure may be owing to your own weaknesses, or that the failure of anyone else may be due to his own defects—his laziness, incompetence, improvidence, or stupidity. Never believe in the honesty or disinterestedness of anyone who disagrees with you. This basic hatred is the heart of Marxism. This is its animating force. You can throw away the dialectical materialism, the Hegelian framework, the technical jargon, the ‘scientific’ analysis, and millions of pretentious words, and you still have the core: the implacable hatred and envy that are the raison d’être for all the rest.”

Henry Hazlitt, The Freeman (1966); quoted in AISI magazine; vol. 16, no. 2, p. 9


Laugh to keep from crying

Don’t worry…be happy.


Ideas for Gifts this Christmas

Order from us!


by Lori Wagner and Gwyn Oakes

This book is a sequel to The Girl In The Dress and Covered by Love in helping young ladies be strong in their journey along the path of godliness. Many girls are crying out today to be heard and to be loved just the way they are. This book shares the truth about body art, makeup, and jewelry.  Go to Store/books for children.      AM price $11.99

Praying the Word Effectively

by Apostolic Ladies Ministries

Promises for all situations in life are found in God’s Word. Learn to pray the Word and be effective in your prayers. This comprehensive book will awaken your desire to search for more of God’s promises. Spiral bound to lay flat for use at home, on prayer walks or in the church prayer room. Go to Store/books for women.  AM Price $15.95

The Second Book of DavidCover

by Larry Booker

“The Second Book of David” is a sequel to “The Book of David”.  Both of which are unique novels that bring to life one of the greatest men who ever lived – David the King of Israel.  If you’ve enjoyed The Book of David, you will most definitely enjoy The Second Book of David!  Go to Store/biographies.  AM Price $13.95


Call for details on any of these Bibles!

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Parting shots

“Wherever you are, be all there.  Live to the hilt every situation you believe to be the will of God.”  Jim Elliot, missionary martyr

[It is said that…] Dare was da time Boudreaux, a Cajun from Lafayette, was having trouble sleeping at night. Boudreaux wrote a letter to the Internal Revenue Service. He put, “Dear Internal Revenue Service, For da tax year 2010 I underpaid my federal income tax and ain’t been able to sleep well since. Enclosed is a check for $200.00. Signed, Yours for Good Government, Boudreaux,” And he put at the bottom, “Mais, P.S. If I don’t sleep better tonight, I’m gonna send you da rest.”  [Please do. Obama needs it. Jre]

“Since He is an all sufficient God, there is nothing you can give Him that would increase Him in any way. He is ‘El Shaddai,’ God all sufficient. Thus your offerings are for the purpose of thanksgiving to Him and not to bribe Him, appease Him, or add to His possessions. (Psa_50:8-15).” – Quote by Brother Kelsey Griffin from his e-sword Bible study notes on Acts 17:25.


Please enjoy your family time together, and may the peace of God rule in your heart and home this Christmas season.


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  1. I love brother Ensey and his teaching and preaching. But I find these blogs of late focus alot on negative topics. The world is going to get a lot worse. I would like to focus on what Jesus is doing in these end times, rather than what the world is doing

  2. Maybe Pentecostals ought to get on the bandwagon with the Pentecostals to nix television in Christian homes 🙂

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