November Addendum 2014

Welcome to the NOVEMBER 2014 abbreviated blog ADDENDUM!


The election

So, there you have it. The people have spoken. The real voice of the majority of American people—not the shrill cry of the street people, the 90-day wonders, the newly-crossed over, the dopeheads, and the liberal classroom professors who care for nothing but their tenure. Those constituencies will probably regroup for the next presidential campaign, but they had little to vote for in this election. I personally thank them for staying home for this one.

The Senate has again gone to the Republicans who now may get to act on some of the stack of nearly 400 bills sent to it by the House of Representatives in recent years. We shall see how their collective voice will be heard amid the clamor of the Obama administration’s rush to appease all the anti-American elements operating with impunity within our borders. (Oops…I forgot—we have no borders.)

Perhaps the runaway locomotive known as the Obomination will have to take a siding and cool its boilers. But maybe not. The President will likely take to his pen and phone and see how many executive orders it will take to finish his promised “transformation” of America. Obama did not come across as conciliatory in his post-election press conference. It was still my way or the highway. “I’ll see what the Republicans want,” he said, as if he had no idea. If he doesn’t, he hasn’t been keeping up with the news. (I guess it comes on around tee time.)

Where is our country going? If Obama has his way, we will become an extension of Mexico/Central America, with borders open to all people from anywhere, many coming from all over the world just to ensure the downfall of our Republic and the American system of government. If he cared about what Americans think or want, he would not do what he is doing. But, like someone we read about in the Bible, he knows his time is short and he must do what he set out to do quickly. Two years in politics is an eternity. How much closer will we be to a second-rate complete socialist state when he leaves office? It will be difficult to undo everything he has done.

What can we do in the meantime?

We can pray. Do what the Book says—pray for our leaders, officials, and those who run our government. God can still make some things happen and surprise those who oppose Him.

We can speak publicly and privately. Just because we are Christians does not mean we have to sit in silence and let things happen.

Write. There is room for our voices on the Internet. If we let the terrorists, the communists, the anti-American elements in the country dominate the Internet and social media, they will gladly do it—and will aggressively push their agenda in our faces. Fight fire with fire.

Encourage our constituents and friends and neighbors to also speak up, lest we all lose the privilege to do so.

With a voice of reason and love challenge the socialists, the feminists, the anti-gun activists, groups that support amnesty for all illegal aliens, and those who despise Christianity. Hate never wins. The only way we will win the war on terror is to win the ideological battles we fight weekly. We must project and present to our fellow Americans a better way—a worldview that makes sense and reflects sound principles. Say to the haters, the terrorists, and the socialist liberals, “You can’t have my country! You can’t have my church! You can’t have my children!”

Pray that someone with American values will arise who is electable in 2016. We have had it with progressives, socialists, feminists, atheists, political kooks and lackeys. If you think all this slouching toward Gomorrah is merely God’s unfolding will and nothing we do will or should change our national course, fine. Forget voting. You might oppose God’s will. However, I don’t know that it is God’s time yet for the termination of the age. If not, I have grandchildren and great grandchildren that I want to see have a chance at a decent and safe national environment. That is why I appreciate the outcome of this election—it may give us a little breathing room, and perhaps a ray of hope for the next one.

Let’s live like Jesus is coming today but work (and vote) like He isn’t coming for a thousand years.


Note to those with “stars” in their eyes

Our elders taught us: As your churches grow, keep your eyes on Jesus and your hands in the harvest. It was good advice.

When “cool” pastors blossom virtually overnight with megachurches, young pastors tend to salivate. They read every word Mr. Cool writes and are tempted to copy every “look” he and his church project.

But houses—or congregations—built on sand are short lived. Most celebrity pastors are sand. Hip personalities are sand. Smart-aleck attitudes are sand. Shallow, crossless Christianity is sand. The position that says, “I’ll show you that God doesn’t care about all those tired old standards and staid doctrines Evangelicals and Apostolics have featured for years,” is really just sand.

Another house has fallen. Mark Driscoll’s Mar’s Hill in Seattle—the house built in a day without a foundation, has crumbled. “And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell: and great was the fall of it.” Driscoll was washed up, booted out, and the church is dissolving.

Will we never learn not to hitch our wagon to a “star” but to the “Son”?


Articles worth reading

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Thanks for your time.



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  1. Thankyou for writing! Proud of you!

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  2. Brother Ensey, I appreciate your innate ability, your sharp mind, and your fierce work ethic. Thank you for all you do. The Apostolic world and beyond are well-served because of your timely contributions.

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