JREnsey blog August 2016

Welcome to the blog for August, 2016—the month honoring Caesar Augustus, who tried to kill Jesus. The heat this month is trying to kill me too.


The Word for today Bible

“Help, Lord, for the godly man ceases to be, for the faithful disappear from among the sons of men. They speak falsehood to one another; with flattering lips and with a double heart they speak. May the Lord cut off all flattering lips, the tongue that speaks great things, who have said, “With our tongue we will prevail; our lips are our own; who is lord over us?” (Psalm 12:1-4 NASB).

This passage seemed appropriate to coincide with the political conventions.


Is election to church leadership a mandate for social change?

The Presbyterian Church (USA) has elected a co-moderator, making the top leadership of the denomination totally female, for its 222nd General Assembly who believes members of the denomination are just as evil as Orlando shooter Omar Mateen who pledged his allegiance to the Islamic State terror group.

Pres women 2In a blog written within hours of the Orlando nightclub shooting in which Mateen killed 49 people, the Rev. Denise Anderson—a pastor from National Capital Presbytery who is serving alongside the Rev. Jan Edmiston, a presbytery executive from Chicago as a co-moderator for the PCUSA’s annual assembly—argues that “many in our own ranks aren’t too idealistically different from this gunman.”

“Much of this [homelessness, human trafficking, crime, drug use and suicide among LGBTQ youth] can be attributed to religious teaching,” Anderson claims. “A pastor who counseled parents to turn their backs on their gay son, or submit their lesbian daughter to conversion therapy. Flippant comments about ‘sissies’ thrown carelessly about from the pulpit.

“Relegation of gay men to the choir loft (entertain us!), but kept from the trustee board. Scapegoating same-sex couples as the purveyors of moral erosion. That’s our doing. That’s our assault weapon.”

Anderson further asserted the American Church “is in the same business” as the terrorist Mateen, but is “simply not as efficient as he was.”

As part of the opening day of PCUSA’s 222nd General Assembly held recently in Portland, Oregon, delegates overwhelmingly elected Anderson and Edmiston as co-moderators.

The United Methodist Church has followed suit and elected Karen Oliveto as the Western Jurisdiction bishop. You guessed it—she is a professed lesbian. She is also pastor of the Glide Memorial United Methodist Church of San Francisco.

What’s that twisting sound in John Wesley’s grave?


Turn off A/Cs and refrigerators!

According to Sec’y of State John Kerry, climate change and global warming may be more dangerous than ISIS and international terrorism.

“It’s hard for some people to grasp it, but what you are doing here right now is of equal noairimportance, because it has the ability literally to save life on this planet,” Kerry recently told the conference of parties to the 1987 Montreal Protocol, a global treaty to end the use of many chlorofluorocarbons from aerosols and refrigerants that deplete the ozone layer.

Are we to assume that all Democrats and other nations are now in the process of turning off their A/Cs and cooling their milk and perishables in a nearby creek or well, as we did when I was a child?

This sounds exactly like the shrill warnings on the first Earth Day in 1970. (Read those failed and foolish predictions here: http://www.freedomworks.org/content/13-worst-predictions-made-earth-day-1970).

One Twitter response suggested that Kerry took waaaaay too much LSD in the 70s and his brain may be fried.


A prophecy

Christianity adherents, particularly those who are not in step with the leftist agenda, are about to be blamed with virtually everything negative that is happening in America.

You may have noticed the many websites laying the Orlando shooting squarely on the doorstep of conservative Christians that do not approve of the LGBTQ lifestyle, as though outspoken Christians have prompted ISIS and other Muslim groups to commit such Pointing-Fingeratrocities.

The coming persecution of Christians will feature blame placed on Christians from everything from climate change, tornadoes, floods, dope rings, murders in Chicago, the collapse of the stock market, and perhaps even 9/11 and the Hindenberg disaster.

The same was true in the Apostolic Age. Christians were blamed with the downfall of paganism and the disuse of their temples, or physical disasters in many cities—Carthage, Alexandria, and others—and were accused by the emperor of setting the fire that burned Rome in July of AD 64.

Get ready…you will be cited as the cause of almost all negative situations in America. What goes around comes around.


VP for Muslims?

Former Governor Time Kaine of Virginia has been chosen as Hillary Clinton’s vice president. Brieitbart.com reports that while governor he appointed a Muslim Brotherhood front leader to head the state’s commission on immigration and integration. In tim-kaine-bio-photoa court filing, federal prosecutors said the Muslim American Society “was founded as the overt arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in America.” Kaine called opposition to this appointment “bigotry.” Kaine also spoke at a dinner honoring a Muslim Brotherhood terror suspect, as well as receiving  campaign donations from Islamist groups and individual Muslims.

As U.S. Senator from Virginia, he serves on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. What are we to expect should he become the vice president? Is it a valid assumption that Muslims will adopt American values and laws if we freely open our borders to them? Will they fall in love with American liberty and opportunity and be loyal U.S. citizens? Or will this be viewed as a weakness to be exploited as they have done in Europe?

You might be interested in the Judicial Watch special report titled U.S. Government Purges of Law Enforcement Training Material Deemed “Offensive” To Muslims. What else is going on behind the scenes that we know nothing about?


What is “the truth”?

I have heard thousands of Apostolics testify about their experience with “the truth”—“I found the truth…I came into the truth…I obeyed the truth…I have been in the truth 20 years…etc.” What do they mean by “the truth”?

No one breaks into their testimony to explain the details. Doubtless, it leaves some hearers a little mystified.

I will venture to say that what is meant is that they have come to the assurance that God exists, that He is eternally one single Spirit, that He is the creator of all things, that He manifested Himself as our Savior, Jesus Christ, that Jesus experienced death at Calvary in our place, that we appropriate His salvation by repenting of our sins and being baptized in His namTruth-2e, that the baptism of the Holy Spirit completes the new birth, that a lifestyle separated from the world pleases God, and that our hope is eternal life with the Lord in Heaven.

While that limited list does not include all Bible truths, it may serve to explain to others what Apostolic Pentecostals generally mean when they speak of “the truth.”


Moral: Don’t steal a car you are not familiar with!

The proud owner of a magnificently restored 1956 Chevrolet convertible, wrote to say he had returned the car to perfection over the last few years, posted this story.

On a very warm summer afternoon he decided to take his car to town. It needed gas, as the gauge was practically on empty, but he wanted ice cream, so he headed first to his favorite ice cream shop.

He had trouble finding a parking space and had to park the car down a side street. He noticedthief-stealing-a-car a group of young guys standing around smoking cigarettes and eyeing his car rather covetously. He was a bit uneasy leaving it there, but people often take interest in such an old and well-preserved car, so he went off to enjoy his ice cream.

The line at the ice cream shop was long and it took him quite a while to return to his car. When he did, his worst fears were realized… his car was gone.

He called the police and reported the theft and then went back and bought a quart of pistachio ice cream. About ten minutes later the police called him to say they had found the car abandoned near a gas station a few miles out of town.

It was unharmed and he was relieved. It seems just before he called, the police had received a call from a young woman who was an employee at a self-service gas station. She told them that three youn1956 Gas tankg men had driven in with this beautiful old convertible. One of them came to the window and prepaid for 20 dollars worth of gas.

Then all three of them walked around the car, looking at it carefully, and then just walked away without filling the tank.

The question is, why would anybody steal a car, pay for gas that they never pumped, and then abandon the car later and walk away?

They couldn’t find where to put the gas!

’56 Chevy owners love this story. The real moral: Don’t steal cars. Get a job, earn money and buy your own.


Pope: Church should apologize

“I think the church must not only apologize…to a gay person it offended, but we must apologize to the poor, to women who have been exploited, to children forced intoPope-Francis labor, apologize for having blessed so many weapons” and for having failed to assist families who faced divorces or experienced other problems.

Do you agree? What will the pope apologize for next? His latest statement: “We should not identify Islam with terror.” Let’s see…Baptists? Mormons? Catholics? Buddhists? Which religion does he feel is connected to these terror massacres?


For gay Catholics only

The Philadelphia Archbishop says gay Catholics should abstain from sex to receive communion. The Philly mayor blasted the decree as “not Christian.” Let’s see…what would be the mayor’s concept of “Christian” behavior?

Gay CatholicsThe new guidelines reiterate Catholic teaching that those in relationships outside the sacrament of marriage—including those in same-sex relationships, the divorced, civilly remarried and unmarried couples living together—should abstain from sex in order to receive communion. The Catholic Church has long held that only those living according to church teaching are eligible to receive the sacraments, including the Eucharist.

“This is a hard teaching for many, but anything less misleads people about the nature of the Eucharist and the Church,” the guidelines state.

Just thought you’d like to know.


Otherwise, how is your day going?









The “thought police” are on duty!

During an end-of-the-year class party at a New Jersey elementary school, a 9-year-old boy said something about brownies and was subsequently questioned by a police officer who was called by the school to investigate an incident of racism. It was another student that accused tthought-policehe boy of saying something “racist,” but the boy’s mother said he was talking about “snacks, not skin color,” according to Philly.com. “He said they were talking about brownies. Who exactly did he offend?” the mother, Stacy dos Santos, asked incredulously.

Can’t nine-year old boys say they like brownies? Knock it off, TP!

How can we ever thank the present administration for taking us toward the abyss of a police state where suspicion, hate and division rule.



Before You Say “I Do”Before-You-Say'I-Do'-cover

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A Hill To Die On

A-Hill-to-die-on-frontJR Ensey
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– A Hill To Die On
– Truth in an Age of Deception
– Unity in an Age of Division
– Righteousness in an Age of Hedonism
– The Church in an Age of Spirituality
– Absolutes in an Age of Relativism
– God and Government
– Is American Christianity Returning to the Social Gospel?
– Our Finest Hour

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The best soul winning aid produced in the last 25 years.

IHMLCoverInto His Marvelous Light one-hour Bible study

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Still the best soulwinning tool you can use!

Order online at www.advanceministries.org/ or phone 936-537-0250.

Don’t forget your Bible studies this month!


For Seniors Only

I am a Seenager (senior teenager). I have everything I wanted as a teenager, only 60  years later. I don’t have to go to school or work. I get an allowance every month. I have my own pad. I don’t have a curfew. I have a driver’s license and my own car. The folks I hang around with are not promiscuous and don’t smoke dope. And I don’t have acne. LIFE IS GREAT!

However, I don’t  understand how I can remember every word of a song from 1964, but I can’t remember why I just walked into the kitchen. And why are other people my age so much older than me?

Source: Unknown


Mysteries of the Codex Bezae

One of the notable uncial manuscripts of the New Testament containing the Gospels and Acts is the Codex Bezae Cantabrigiensis, so named since it once resided in the hands of Theodore Beza, successor to John Calvin in Geneva. In 1581CodexBezae Beza gifted it to Cambridge University where it is on display today. Almost everyone who writes about biblical texts or textual criticism is familiar to some extent with the fifth major uncial in the line of New Testament manuscripts. Its official designation on the list of manuscripts is Dea or 05. (The superscripted e and a signify that the manuscript contains the Gospels, Acts and some portion of the General Epistles.)

It is notable because it is old, dated by most scholars to the fifth or sixth century. It is also important due to its text-type, being the primary representative of the Western family of text-types. Bezae is also the oldest extant bi-lingual manuscript of the Bible, with the Greek text on the left hand page and Latin on the facing page. The mysteries of this codex surround the (continue reading this article, click here)…


Not really a laughing matter

Bill and Hillary

Clinton justiceClintons laws don't apply

Dont take my flag

Don’t burn my flag! (Amen. You go, girl!)

Hillary for Hillary VP

Hillary hot button

Hillary lying

Martha vs. Hillary

Hillary not guilty


Target Stores haven’t learned their lesson

A transgender man was arrested in a Target store dressing room taking pictures of a woman changing clothes. Dear Target: You can’t say you were not warned.

A transgender Idaho Falls woman was arrested on one count of felony voyeurism for a report that she took pictures of another woman changing clothes in a dressing room in a Target Targetstore in Ammon, Idaho.

Sheriff’s deputies responded to the store after a woman reported that someone was taking pictures of her while she was trying on clothes inside a dressing room. The victim noticed the suspect reaching over the wall with a cellphone taking pictures and confronted her, prompting the suspect to flee the store on foot.

Source: http://wgntv.com/2016/07/13/transgender-woman-accused-of-videotaping-18-year-old-in-target-fitting-room/

I saw one report that Target shares have dropped 20%+ since deciding to have transgender restrooms. Over 1,300,000 have signed a petition to boycott Target https://www.afa.net/action-alerts/sign-the-boycott-target-pledge/ as long as this situation exists.


The Last Shot

Questions you might address in your next Bible lesson:

If God loves the world (John 3:16), why can’t we be friends with it (James 4:4)?huge.16.82049

If God loves the world, why does the Bible say He hates “all workers of iniquity” (Psalm 5:5; 11:5)?

Does the Bible approve of assassinations (Judges 3:15-23)?

Please share your notes with me. 🙂


As I celebrate birthday #78 on August 28, I thank God for at least 8 years beyond the biblical 70! I also wish all of you with August birthdays a happy one. Be blessed and thank God for one more year!


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  2. I always look forward to your blogs…. one of the few that I read entirely. So thanks for echoing my thoughts and concerns.

  3. Elder; Thanks for your timely blog. I look forward to it each month. In the section “The Last Shot” you asked, “If God loves the world why does He hate workers of iniquity?” I would be happy to read your thoughts on the subject in light of Proverbs 6:16-19. Thanks, and “Happy Birthday” in advance! Have a blessed birth day celebration.

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